Wag-a-Tail... Home Sitting

Going away for a long weekend, maybe a week away.. I can do your Home Security Checks

I will come to your home to check around the inside and outside of your place, making sure all is okay and that there are no frozen pipes or that the furnace has quit working.. Want the driveway cleared of snow and that lived in feeling in winter while you are away...

During the summer months you may need your yard looked after. Perhaps watering pots, gardens, and if necessary the grass with a sprinkler. You want all your hard work looking great upon your return. Need an alarm reset, or want the Alarm Company to have me be the point of contact while you are away. I can do this for you.

Perhaps you get lots of mail, junk mail on the step, I can pick that up even if it's at a street box.

Oh you've missed garbage day so not to let it sit in the garage and smell in hot weather, I will take it to the curb, just tell me what day it is and how early the pick up is and what all needs to go out. Since no one is around, you may want to make it look like someone is so perhaps alternating lights regularly, even blinds or curtains opening and closing.

Maybe you have something in the house that needs checking, an appliance not working, weather related air-conditioner or furnace. Want me to let the service person in and stay while they work. I can do that for you.

Contact Doreen @ 905-399-8245

either by phone or text for an immediate reply

Contact Doreen

@ 905-399-8245






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