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You Guessed it! I'm Snoopy!

This is Aspen, 5yrs old. Great Pyrenees, loves his walks with Doreen when mommy is away.


I look forward to Doreen coming to walk me each day. I'm sad when she leaves. I was adopted into a great family and am so contented.


I'm Logan on the left and thats my my mom on the right.. We are adorable don't you think? 


My name is Chloe, I've just come back from the groomers and love my walks with Doreen.

I've been working with the clients of these lovely dogs since 2008. We are just getting ready for our walk. Bundle up.

Guinness is one of my favourites

Private walks, one client at a time, giving your pet the mental stimulation and attention it needs. In really inclement weather, where its too hot or knee deep in snow, we will have a short walk and have some fun and attention where its safe either inside or the backyard for the required time. For the challenged pets a visit to the back yard helps keep then stimulated and out of trouble. Senior pets, company and mental stimulation are a great way to spend the golden years.

Caught at work late, have a special event or last min emergency... My clients have on occasion required extra last min services. I can help call me.

Yukon and Hudson the puppy.

Overnight Stays: In your home.. will come to your home in the evening to stay and comfort your loved one(s) even if they need to sleep next to me. A walk, treats and medication, if required, are given upon arrival. Just before bed, if need be, another backyard let out. On early wake up, we go for a walk and return for breakfast and medication again, if necessary. I leave for the day and come back late afternoon for another walk and/or dinner. Extra walks can be arranged for seniors, puppies or pets with medical issues. By staying in your home, you have someone not only looking after your furry family pets, but your home as well because it's lived in.

I have the respect and care for your home while you are away. Upon arrival, you will notice that your residence will be left in the same condition at departure.

My newest charge. Briard, part of the Bouvier family, His name is Henry, just over a year. Lovely dog and wonderful personality.
My name is Bear and I love my doggie walks with Doreen from Wag a Tail.

Looking to have the "right person", one dedicated individual whom works alone, coming to your home on a regular or non-regular basis? Would you like to know that your pet will become familar with the presence of that same person? Is your dog restricted to a crate? Does your dog need 100% attention while in someone's care on a walk and may or may not be sociable with other dogs. Need help in training your dog? Is it comforting to know you are able to check up on a person's credentials / past history prior to starting? Is having someone who has owned pets for years prior and has worked in the industry for a long time and been able to continue serving those clients, including being insured and bonded important?

Duke is my Name. Wag a Tail's Doreen knows I am adorable.
Hershey is my name and Doreen from Wag a Tail keeps me in control even if I think I am a 75lb Bumble Bee on my walk.
We are the Two Amigos... TJ and Calie. Where is Doreen from Wag a Tail. Its dog walking time.

Sparky is my name. Think there is a cookie coming.

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